Pasta with creamy tomato sauce


This one also comes to us from Oh She Glows. This was fast, easy and filling. The only weird thing is that it was WAY too salty as the recipe called for. I suspect 1/2tsp salt would do – maybe less. I checked my ingredients. No salt in the cashews, less than 40 mg in the tomato paste. I used two half teaspoons because the teaspoon was dirty. But any extra measurement error was not responsible for the saltiness that was this sauce at first. I added another tomato, more cashews, more water, and extra basil. I ended up with about 2/3rd cup extra sauce, but it was at a better salt level. I had no salt in the pasta water, thankfully. We went a bit light on the sauce in the end.

Other than that it was great. LEss salt would have let us really load up on the sauce, and it would have been even better. Very easy to prepare. I made garlic bread alongside it – garlic fried in olive oil until soft, then spread on French bread toast.

We topped this off with more chopped basil and some parsley, for fun.

Kate couldn’t rate this one, she had her mouth full of a second heaping.



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