Peach Chutney Samosa Stew


I was really excited for this recipe. I love samosa filling, and peach chutney sounds terrific. There are a few issues with the recipe. First lets add up the tomatoes:

  • 28oz diced
  • 5.5oz tomato paste (Equivalent to ~8 oz tomato sauce)
  • 1/2c sundried tomatoes (roughly equivalent to 16-20oz fresh)
  • How much tomato is in your veg broth paste?

So the end product was very tomato-ey. Mine was quite red, and did not look at all like the one in the original recipe. No amount of turmeric is going to turn that yellow, and it swamps out any essence of peach that might’ve been in there.

And there’s just a lot of it too, it filled the 4.5 qt dutch oven I used to capacity. I have this problem where I only read the recipes I’m following after I’ve started cooking. So things like this slip by me.

I wouldn’t make this again as written. There’s a good recipe in there, but I’m not sure what to tweak. And even if I could get proportions just right I’d scale it back to 1/2 of the original.




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