Red Lentil Dal w/ Greens, Creamy Cucumber Salad, and Roti

IMG_20170613_200527Big meal – this was a long endeavour, but these can be made separately. I was so hungry by the time I finished that I couldn’t think straight, so I didn’t take any pictures. I  mocked up the pictured miniplate as an afterthought.

Roti obviously go with lots of Middle Eastern and Indian foods. Here’s the recipe I followed, bearing in mind that i used standard whole wheat flour, and the end result was probably a lot less soft than it should be. but I’m not buying a 10lb bag of flour online for this one recipe:

Then a cucumber salad that is a bit more substantial than raita, and has no yogurt:

I softened the garlic in a pan with the pepper because too much raw garlic is bad for the breath, but it also had a lot of raw onion. too. This was cool and terrific fresh and garden-fresh cukes would be even better.

The dal was a nice simple recipe, a bit light on the spice I thought, until I realized later that I’d omitted turmeric altogether.

I’d be interested to try it again with, but other Indian spices like garam masala, coriander, cardamom, etc could be used too. This is where I used the greens from the CSA. I just roughly chopped gobs and gobs of them and tossed them in – it was perfect, took no real prep or destemming, and added a lot more flavor than plain kale or whatever.


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