This is recipe book, of mostly other peoples’ recipes.

Long ago we wandered into the world of online recipes. It was a wild place, where people seemingly converted units using Google Translate, or often seemed not to have read their own instructions at all Рlet alone prepared the dishes described therein. It was as if some pages were just up there with gibberish, but search engine-optimized and with at least 15 five-star reviews.

So I started a scrapbook of things we’ve tried, to remember what happened when I tried them. Like the dish that needed 17 cardamom pods, six cinnamon sticks, five pureed red onions, all in a baking dish for several hours. I still have a coat that smells of it, on damp days. That was six years ago.

That recipe is not archived here, because there is a spice-induced blank spot in my memory. But plenty of successes and failures are here. Along with modifications, compromises, and innovations of my own. Please enjoy at your own risk.