Sweet & Sour Falafel Pitas w/ Tzaziki

https://www.blueapron.com/recipes/falafel-pitas-tzatziki-with-pea-shoot-salad This was one of the better recipes we got from Blue Apron for the two short weeks we subscribed. Not to mention the humor that can be gotten out of the name – but I’d feel awful subjecting readers to that. The trick to Blue Apron recipes is the secret ingredients. In this one,… Continue reading Sweet & Sour Falafel Pitas w/ Tzaziki

Pesto ‘Sunshine’ Bowl

http://mydishisbomb.com/sunshine-bowl/ Pretty simple recipe – I also made the pesto recipe contained therein: http://mydishisbomb.com/basil-oregano-pesto/ That makes a lot of pesto, incidentally. We also added some pasta. I probably would have chosen orzo for this, but we had some second-hand alpha bits that needed cookin’ So yes, two grown-ass adults sat down to a nice healthy… Continue reading Pesto ‘Sunshine’ Bowl