Coconut Kale Stirfry

We just kept coming back for seconds and thirds of this until it was all gone.


Vegan Saag Paneer chimera

Saag Paneer is one of the things I miss most about cheese, and I miss most things about cheese. What follows is my faithful attempt to resurrect this meal in a vegan style. This really deserves my full time and attention. But so does Liam, so it may never happen! For the spinach, follow:… Continue reading Vegan Saag Paneer chimera

Burritos w/ leftover pineapple salsa

There was more salsa than beans & rice left from the Grilled Tofu with Pineapple Salsa and Coconut Rice  meal last night. We made some more rice (white this time), and some cashew ‘sour cream’ (again courtesy of Oh She Glows). The burritos consisted of rice, Daiya cheddar shreds, refried beans (we had Amy’s Refried Beans… Continue reading Burritos w/ leftover pineapple salsa